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Design Conversations

Every design project whether it be a large remodel or a simple room update begins with a conversation at studioZiffer. These simple design conversations are important in creating open communication between designer and client. The understanding that it will always be our job as your designer to elevate your ideas, to introduce you to resources that were not available to you, and to present you options that you have not yet considered possible. But most importantly, it is our job to create comfortable design collaborations with all of our clients.

In these conversations we carefully listen to your wants, wishes, whims, and what-nots. We talk about how you currently utilize your room, space, or home  … We talk about the goals & expectations for both client and designer … And yes, we talk about costs, budgets, payments, processes, and expectations.

Our job as the designer, is to carefully listen to you the client, while providing functional, current, and beautiful design solutions you have yet to think about. These conversations are the stepping stones necessary in navigating through a successful cohesive design collaboration.

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